Dear Breeder,

Posted on: 24th Jan 2020

NO RISK AL MAURY - available for natural cover at Haras de Saint Faust - applications open for AI nominations (very limited number)

Dear Breeder,

From all of us at Shadwell, I wish you the very best in the coming year. I also would like to thank all the breeders, owners and trainers who support our stallions. We are very grateful and we hope their progeny will bring you joy and great success.

We are delighted to stand a total of eight stallions in France, the United-Kingdom and Italy, in 2020.

Shadwell will have four stallions standing at Haras de Saint Faust: AF AL BURAQ and NO RISK AL MAURY have proven their worth on the racetrack again in 2019, with new Stakes winners, including the Group 1 Dubai Kahayla Classic winner AF MAHER (AF AL BURAQ), and the promising Group 2 winner MIN’HA (NO RISK AL MAURY). Alongside those established sires, the young stallions HANDASSA and MANARK have been very well supported in 2019 and we hope their foals will prove to be as good as their Group winning sires.

We also stand two Arabian stallions at Shadwell Stud in the UK: AL JAKBAR and AL SAOUDI. TAAJER stands in Italy and we are happy to say that his first foals have exceeded our expectations.

A new addition to this roster for 2020 is SIVIT AL MAURY. His performances as well as his pedigree and conformation are remarkable.

Due to his popularity, the number of AI nominations to NO RISK AL MAURY with frozen semen is very limited for the 2020 breeding season. We urge you to contact Haras de Saint Faust to book a nomination with natural cover if you can. If you cannot travel to the stud, we ask that you apply for a nomination before the 14th February 2020. The mares will be selected by our team and the owners of the mares who will have been selected will be contacted before the end of the following week. The link for the application form is at the bottom of this page, you can also find it on the Apply for a nomination page. 

If you choose natural cover for your mares, please contact Haras de Saint Faust at your earliest convenience. They will provide you with all the information you need regarding the breeding season (breeding regulations, vaccinations…) and help you plan the breeding season to give your mare the best possible care.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and remain available to answer any questions that should arise.

Richard Lancaster, Shadwell Stud Director

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